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such beautiful words and images.


gorgeous images! beautiful.


I drink it in....
absolute beauty

love and light

Rosalyn Fay

Ahhhhh. A visual feast of beautiful metaphors. Thank you, lovely Elke.

It was an honor and joy to share a room and the overall experience with you.

So much love,


elke, elke, elke. all of it, an exquisite altar. you capture these moments and thoughts that flit by so quickly, and somehow each one holds the whole of our time together there. how??? never mind. it's magic. how were my dear elk? did they greet you and were you held after a regal hike? another perfect reminder of my time with you outdoors. oh, how i love you.


What a morning lit homage to our time by the sea. Thank you, Elke, for honoring yourself first, and then the purpose of Matrilumina with your mystical and wise ways. I love you so. We love you so.

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