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Maya Corinne

OHHHH, Elke. wow. thank you. such a tribute to a perfect weekend. much deserved love + play + community for all of us. wow. thanks.


the coming together
the sister hood
the location
all magic coming together to feed your spirit
I too am glad to se January go...though the teaching have been invaluable, they have not been easy
I welcome February, the month of Love...Love I will give to myself freely and abundantly

love and light

(Connecting with you through Pixie's space and SouLodge)


How beautiful. I'm thrilled to find your voice here again. I hope to one day meet you and these other soul sisters. You all inspire me.


Oh Elke,

This beautiful tribute to your time together warmed my heart in such a big way. I'm so happy that you got this deep nurturing time with lodge sisters, I'm happy for ALL of you!

Karen D

so beautiful to witness..makes me yearn for the west coast lodge sisters.

karen D

my soul can dance ~ celisa

mmmmmHMMMMMM. i am already craving another weekend like this past one. so so so needed and i am SO grateful i got to spend it with you!!


I love how you have the gift to turn something already so magical into pure poetry. Thank you for honoring the medicine, yourself, and all of us who call you sister. xoxo p


You have such a gift for telling a story in words and images. This is a beautiful love letter to this weekend, one that will stay with me forever. So blessed to be connected with you through SouLodge and circling with you in the flesh. I've been sending you blessings each day and holding you in warm light. Love you sweet sister. xo


Thank you for sharing Elke May! I am happy for you that you were able to spend time with such glorious women, and they had the pleasure of your wonderful company as well! I am glad to see you back here, I have missed you.

I hope all is well with you!

Aho Sister, hugs


so sweet to see the sisterhood, hear the drums, feel the depth and lightness, the play and transformation. so glad that you women are dancing and making magic in the world! love you, elke - you are a true soul sista! xo

deanna norris

what a beautiful post. that video is pure magic!

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