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{{{hugs to you}}}}}} no words - just know that I'm here (along with the Lodge) for you....You are brave and filled with great love


You are an amazing human being Elke...please don't give up and don't forget the forces you posses inside. You are so unique and your journal pages are taking my breath away, moving me to tears. I feel your pain deep in my heart. You are loved. Please do not despair.


Such a beautiful and courageous way to process your grief Elke. Wishing you comfort, hope and lighter days ahead. Gentle hugs.


Elke your work, your heart is beautiful... honoring your loss and your pain <3


elke. this work is beautiful. transformational. you are a divine being. holding you close to my heart. this week feeling you so so much.

Jennifer Allison

my heart holds quietly your loss, sweet woman. you are not alone. keep. breathing.

and...your artwork, moving.

thoughts with you.


So moving ... and so right to take this energy and transform it into something new ... oh sweet friend, I know ... I know ... and yet I believe there is a door wide open and waiting for you to pass through it, just right now you can't see it because your eyes were fixed upon this other passage.

Sending you love and more love
xo Lis


my heart morns your loss
my hand hold a lantern in this dark
whenever there is an end
so there is a new beginning

your sisters gather
hold a space for you
sink into the love
and find your new journal

much love and light
you have touched my heart in your nakedness
and I see such beauty


You are perfection. As is your path.


elkemay...this journal is so beautiful. i imagine so many woman on your journey could relate to such a beautiful, deep depiction and creation of your experience...i think of you.


This journal is so are you. Deep love to you.


...wide open to the core
Pain Full to bursting
for all you are thirsting
You are loved as you walk through this door...

Amazing entry ElkeMay. So proud of who you are, and that you are my family. I want to buy crow medicine.


hang in there, e.



powerful as ever in your authenticity. appreciation, love, and comfort coming your way...

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