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how on earth do you find & gather all these amazing images to tell your story? i think you must live in some technicolor dreamland i have only seen glimpses of. i almost image your rainbow to be deeply textured, sometimes glimmering light like the lake reflected on our cabin ceilings, & sometimes gesso, or pastels. i thin maybe your little one has been long on it's way to you, but is enjoying the fabric of your rainbow & your ancestors along the way. the reindeer is also a guardian of childhood, my boys often remind me. awesome


My Elke, I love your boldness, your faith in all this goodness in your life, your welcome to anything and everything (and everyone) who belongs in it. I believe completely in your vision for yourself. Blaze on. xoxo


Elke my love...this is a beautiful and wonder filled path you have chosen...keep and bountiful love awaits you. A very wise soul will choose you as a mother. I LOVE these photos! You remind me to be present and and aware of my many messages. Miss you love you...


YOU, my friend, are ready to be a mother. Your heart is open and your mind is at peace with the world and where you are in life at this moment. You are truly happy and hopeful. This is the time. I'm soooo happy for you Elke!

cheryl smith alvarez


Stunning and poetic post. I feel your pain, I understand your desire and I share your journey ... as a friend to lean on when you need it!


I admire you in so many ways already but am now blown away by your clarity and courage plowing forward. This is major! And how could it not be? There is a spirit out there that has been waiting for your call. Now it's here. I hope you two get to meet soon! I love you!

jeff sanders

Elke thank you for allowing me (us) to feel because you feel and you share your feelings hre so beautifully. my heart followed every word and my mind lingered to enter into each image. i feel you. i am glowing with pride and love.


I want to hug each of you and thank you from the bottom of my very full heart~ such an outpouring of sweetness and support... I am so grateful... Your words have made me smile and cry... I love you all!! I am so lucky! So let's collectively cross our fingers and say some prayers! But this is happening one way or the other! I will have a baby or adopt one.


The excitement is so great, I can hardly stand it! Your child is waiting for you...and however your new life arrives, YOU are going to be a wonderful mother!

Alena Hennessy

love you elke ...


you will make the best mommy! what a lucky little one you will have!


Don't listen to the doctor. I was 39 when my son was born. I had him using the known donor program through Sperm Bank of California. If you ever want to discuss it drop me an email. Loved my experience. Love mothering even more.


This is so powerful, Elke. Your little baby is on his or her way to you some way, somehow! I love your visualization process and the hope that pours out of your photo journal and your collages. Holding all kinds of space for your experience as it unfolds, sister.


great idea. in my experience, cuddling in bed with my little one, or seeing her eyes smile, or even soothing her after a bad tantrum, have elevated my soul to different heights, have erased any solitary or anxious impulses, and have filled me with an understanding of the world that i believe only mothers have. you will experience a happiness that is unspeakable and deep beyond thoughts. i will be delighted to share motherhood with you and usher our pumpkins to experience this wonderful world!!

stefanie renee

wow, elke, this is so beautiful and powerful ~ you are making it all happen and I admire your courage and strength. love. xoxo


Elke, Goddess (can I call you that?)
I am stunned by this piece of work.
I am stunned beyond words.
This is a manifesto worthy piece.


May you have what your heart desires, Elke. I had my now 15 year old daughter at age 41. A doctor told me because I had been trying for 5 years that my eggs were probably too old. He was wrong. Such beautiful words and images. You are giving birth in so many ways.

single parenting

Being a mother makes woman feel complete. Elke you can also fulfill your desire by adopting a child. The pictures you clicked shows your eagerness to become mother, may god fulfills your desire.

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